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Welcome to, the place you can Discover Italy's leading young and innovative power transmission manufactures proven and guaranteed to deliver results.  You will LOVE the Safety delivered by our ATEX Motors, Gear Reducers, and Variable Speed Drives, the Safety assured by our torque limiting clutches, and the Safety of a UL/CSA/CE Listed Motor that exceeds competitors.

You will SAVE time with our on-line configurator's, SAVE Money with our complete Engineered Solutions, and SAVE Customers with the assurance of a leak free, on-time delivered, quiet operating power transmission system.

YOU have a complete solution with TVT starting with the Human Machine Interface (HMI), which is coupled to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), controlling a Variable Frequency, Servo, Vector, or Stepper Drive, which is Driving an AC Motor, Brake Motor, Servo, Linear Actuator, or DC Motor.  Coupled to a Helical, Planetary, Bevel, Worm, Friction, Belt & Pully, or other Speed Reducer with a high performance Jaw, Bellows, Gear, or Disc Coupling, which then is protected by a Friction, Ball or Roller Detent, or Pneumatic Torque Limiting Clutch, which drives an HTD, RPP, PolyV, V-Belt, Sprocket, or Pinion Gear, coupled to a Drive Shaft, HTD, Timing, Conveyor Chain, or other drive element.  Of course, you might consider a TVT Motorized Head Pulley (Drum Motor) instead or be driving a stainless steel pump.  From begining to Driven End TVT is your "Made in Italy...LOVED in AMERICA" solution.

Our electric motor range is from 30 to 315,000 watts, our reducers cover as light as 50 inch-lbs all the way to 104,000 in-lbs, Precision Planetary to Heavy Helical and Bevel Helical reducers for the ultimate in power & performance.       TVT is dynamic, young, global entrepreneurial organization, subscribe to our Twitter feed, be a fan on Facebook, join our helpful monthly news letter, or just visit our web often and use the interchange, configuration, or catalog tools to keep up with the fastest growing power transmission company in America.   If you work for a distributor or are an Independent Representative seeking a quality and trustworthy partner who understands your needs contact us for available opportunities in your area.

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