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Poggi Stainless Steel right angle gearbox Poggi SpA

Poggi transmission s.p.a.

TVT America is privileged to introduce the North American market to one of Europe's leading innovators in the manufacture of pulleys, couplings, right-angle gearboxes, and power transmission components.   The family name Poggi over the last 45 years has become synonymous with quality. 

Poggi trasmissioni meccaniche S.p.A., founded and built up in the worlds power tranmission mecca of Bologna Italy, has prospered from its continuous investment into research, innovation, mechanization, for the efficient production of the highest quality power transmission components at a very economical price position.

To the left is a photo of Poggi's latest innovation, the Stainless Steel Right Angle Gearbox.  Series 5000.

The presentation of Poggi to the market in United Sates, Canada, and Mexico will be focused on Poggi's strengths of being a high quality, fast delivery, supplier of metric belt & pulley, gearboxes, couplings, and shaft locking devices.

Through TVT's network customers can expect prompt delivery of information, quotation, product, and services.  Through our network of over 2400 distributors...service will be at hand.

Poggi Tutmove inch timing drives



Poggi Tutmove

offers a complete range of the standard XL, L, H, XH, and XXH series timing belts & pulleys; Pitches in inch 1/5, 3/8, 1/2, 7/8, and 1-1/4 respectively.   Poggi offers a complete range of standard inch dimension pulleys & belts, plus timing bars, bulk belting, clamps, and made to order specials that only a true manufacture of timing belt drive systems can offer.  One piece or One million, quickly, of quality, and competitive in price.

Timing drives inch pitch

  • Neoprene

  • Polyurethane

  • Endless or closed belts.

  • Bore to suite Pulleys

  • Taperbush Pulleys

  • System P Pulleys

  • Custom Designed Pulleys

Poggi HTD Drives



Poggi High Torque Drives (HTD)

efficiently delivers high torque at low speeds comparable to roller chain, but without the oil, mess, corrosion, and maintenance of roller chain.  Using Gates PowerGrip HTD Technology by license from Gates, Poggi production is able to deliver a tooth design that improves stress distribution and allows for higher loading.  From HTD to the ultra-performance of GT Carbon... Poggi has the complete high performance drive belt solution.

High Performance

  • HTD
  • GT
  • GT2
  • GT3
  • PolyChain
  • GT Carbon

RPP Belts & Pulleys from Poggi



Poggi RPP

delivers high torque at low speeds, directly replacing roller chain drives with a no maintenance system.  The RPP range uses a broad range of pulley size & types to suit your application, as well as three systems of belts based on application need.  From basic RPP with fiberglass cords and Neoprene body, to RPP Gold with its high tech Elastomer body and nylon & graphite reinforcements.   Poggi RPP for performance!

High Performance Poggi Timing Belt Drives

  • RPP Standard
  • RPP Silver
  • RPP Gold
  • Endless or Closed belts.
  • Bore to Suit Pulleys
  • Taperbush Pulleys
  • System P Pulleys
  • Custom Designed Pulleys
poggi timing bars

Metric Pitch Timing Drives


Poggi Metric Pitch Timing Belts and Pulleys

are the industry standard for Europe and much of the world. For power transmission, conveying, precision machinery, and other applications Poggi metric pitch timing drives are the ideal solution.  Quality, delivery, affordable price are hallmarks for Poggi Timing Drives.  Designed to suit special timing pulleys and belt systems are available for OEM applications with unique needs.
  • T & AT Profiles
  • Steel Belted Polyurethane
  • 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 pitch
  • single & double sided
  • Closed or endless belts.
  • Pilot bored pulleys
  • Timing bars.
  • Designed to suit pulleys.
poggi inch timing bars

Timing Bars


Poggi Timing Bars

for inch & metric pitch timing belts as well as Gates HTD, GT, GT2, GT3, PolyChain, and GT Carbon, plus RPP Poggi High Performance timing belt system allows for amazing flexibility in machine design.  Available in steel and aluminum from stock, with flanges, drive design is unlimited.
  • Tutmove Inch
  • HTD Gates, Polychain, etc.
  • RPP High Performance
  • Metric Pitch
Poly-V belt drives

Poly-V Drives


Poggi Poly-V Belts & Pulleys

are ideal for applications such as appliances, turf equipment, roller conveyors, machine tools, medical devices, and tread mills.  The thin profile and multiple "V" belts contact the pulleys close to the pulleys, creating high power transfer with minimal friction, and suitable to high speeds without excessive noise or heat buildup from friction.  The high modulus tensile member prevents stretch while offering high power transfer and durability.

Micro V Belt Drives

  • J 3/32" (2.34mm)
  • L 3/16" (4.70mm)
  • M 3/8" (9.40mm)
  • Pulleys in all profiles.
  • Wide range of belts
  • Poggi Lock mounting
  • System P locking hubs.
poggi v-belt drive

V-Belt Drives


Poggi V-Belt Drives

is a complete range of standard and metric V-Belts and pulleys, in single, and multiple bands, stock bore, taper-lock, System-P bushings, in engineered cast iron or aluminum.

Also, step pulleys, adjustable pitch pulleys, and pulleys made to order for OEM applications.  All at a price, performance, and quality matched only by Poggi S.p.A.

Pulleys & Belts

  • Z,A,B,C,D,E & banded
  • AA,BB,CC
  • 3V,5V,8V
  • X type cogged
  • Variable Speed Metric
  • Variable Speed USA
  • Polyflex V-Belts
  • Stock, lock,& MTO pulleys
stainless steel mitre box

Stainless Steel


Poggi STAINLESS STEEL Series 5000

takes Poggi's leadership in high performance right angle gearboxes and puts it nicely into a food grade corrosion resisitent AISI 316 Polished Stainless Steel housing with AISI 316 stainless steel shafts.  Ideal for the production of food, corrosive and high humidity environments where stainless steel bevel gearboxes have been needed but not found in the past.    Torque from 2.2 to 42Nm and Power from 0.161 to 3.37 Kw @1400 rpm, in 4 sizes.  Visit Poggi 5000 Stainless Page

Series 5000 Right Angle Drive

  • AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Housings & Shafts 316.
  • Superior to AISI 304 SS.
  • Polished no-stick finish.
  • 4 Sizes
  • 1/1 or 1/2 ratios
  • 1 or 2 output shafts
  • Gleason Spiral Bevel gears.
poggi mitre box drive Right Angle & Reversing  

Poggi Right Angle and Right Angle Reversing Gearboxes

are the largest range of bevel or "Miter" gearboxes in the market today.  Poggi is the brand often imitated but unequaled in the world for its famous right angle gearboxes.  Poggi is the original, therefore many odd brands can easily be replaced with the original Poggi famous for quality.  Torque from 2 to 44Nm, power from <1/2 to 8.8 hp available. Visit Poggi Gearbox Page

Poggi Gearboxes

  • Two complete Series
  • 2, 3, 4, and hollow shafts
  • 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 ratios.
  • Broadest Range available.
  • Standard and Low backlash avialable.
System-P Taperbushes  

System-P Poggi tapered bushing system.

Arguably, the Original System-P is the European standard bushing system, of which the American QD is modeled upon.  However, as a fully global product, the System-P is metric in its dimensions, fasteners, and of European standards for quality, fit, and finish.  QD is NOT a Poggi System-P, and cannot replace the original in dimension or performances.  Inch bore & key System-P can be available if demanded, but retaining its full metric external dimensions & fixing elements.  For Quality & Performance... System-P.
Original Poggi Design
  • Cast Iron or Steel

  • 10 to 170mm bore

  • Ideal locking system

  • metric or inch bores

  • Front or back mounting

  • Fully metric product.

  • System-P Page


taper lock bushing poggi PoggiLock Taperbushes  

Poggilock Tapered Bushings

are dimensionally interchangeable with other leading brands of tapered bushings.  Pogglock bushings and pulleys can replace other brands with no modification, and Poggi is available in both inch & metric bore & keyway in standard sizes.
US Standard Tapered Locking Bushing System
  • Standard Taper Dimensions

  • Inch or Metric

  • High Quality

  • Large Range of bores

  • Interchangable with USA Brands.

poggi weld-a-hub Bolt-On & Weld On Hubs   Bolt-On & Weld-On Hubs designed for use with Poggi System-P taperbushes.  Custom fabricated designs can be arranged quickly and of high quality using these Poggi System-P bolt-on and weld on flanges.

Poggi System-P

  • Fully Machined bolt-on hubs.

  • Front mounted weld-on hubs.

  • Mid-bush weld-on hubs.

  • Full range of System-P metric bushings.

keyless bush

Keyless Bushings

  Poggi Cal-P Keyless Locking Bushings/Shrink Disks are available in a wide range of styles to accommodate nearly every need, from 8mm to 400mm, and fast delivery from stock.  Internal & External Keyless Shaft Locking drives from Poggi are high torque, can handle axial and radial loads, eliminate the need or use of keys and need for cutting keyways.

Poggi Cal-P

  • 15 Styles

  • Metric dimensions

  • 8 to 400mm bores

  • High Quality

  • Fast Delivery

  • Competitive Prices

poggi couplings Couplings   Poggi Gear & Jaw Couplings are a complete range of Nylon/Steel and Steel/Steel Gear, as well as Jaw & Elastomeric couplings for power transmission.


Torque Limiters   Poggi Torque Limiters use a friction member to slip on torque overload, protecting driven equipment from damages due to excessive transmission torque or shock loads.  Torque limiting couplings provide a convenient way to isolate damaging overloads.
chain sprockets Roller Chain Sprockets   Poggi Roller Chain Sprockets are available for chain with Pitch Lengths 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1.00"; representing sizes 35, 40, 50, 60, and 80 and in single, double, or triple rows of teeth.  Poggi Roller Chain sprockets are available from stock for mounting via Poggi System-P in metric bore & keyways, or Taper-lock bushings in inch & metric bores & keyways.
  • Sizes 35,40,50,60,80 chain

  • Single, Double, Triple Strand.

  • System-P Metric

  • Taperlock Inch & Metric

  • Steel & Cast Iron.

  • 12 to 114 tooth.

adjustable iec motor base Adjustable Motor Bases   Poggi Adjustable Motor Bases are for mounting IEC metric motors to allow precise alignment and proper belt tensioning, OR to use for variable speed pulley & belt systems to easily adjust speed by the turn of a hand wheel. The fixedspeed motor bases are in IEC frames 56 to 360, and adjustable speed motor bases from 56 to 160M IEC standard foot mounted frames.  Quality is high, price competitive, availability from stock quickly.


  • For IEC Metric AC Motors

  • Four Styles.

  • Fabricated Steel Construction

  • IEC 56 to 360 Mounting.

  • Variable Speed Pulleys

  • Precise Aliment fixed ratio drives.

  • Motor Base Page "Design-Marketing-SEO"