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Products of Tramec


TRAMEC Speed Reducers  

Tramec Gear Reducers, Tramec S.r.l.


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Tramec T bevel helical geardrive


Tramec R bevel rightangle


Tramec REP Planetary


Tramec Shaftmount Gearbox


Tramec X wormgear


tramec ep planetary servo drive

Tramec S.r.l. is the founding partner of TVT Group,and lead supplier to America's TVT organization.  Tramec was established in Bologna, Italy in 1986 to manufacture Bevel Helical, Parallel Helical speed reducers for Industrial applications requiring high quality and fast delivery of shaft mount, foot mount, parallel and right angle gearboxes and gearmotors.  The Innovative Modular design of the T and Z series, where designed around the great advances in CAD/CAM design & manufacture, to allow affordable precision at production volume economy. For the customer, a high quality, precision manufactured transmission, was available on demand and at an unbelievable price.


tramec double output wormgear


Tramec Z parallel helical gearbox

  • >70 Employees
  • >$30M annual turnover
  • 51% sales are in Italy.
  • Founding member of TVT Group.
  • Entrepreneur Owned & Operated Private Limited Corporation.
  • Incorporated in 1986.
  • ISO 9001    #TRAMEC, #tramec
  • Italian Design, Manufacture, and Driven.
  • Loved in America.

Tramec N Variator


Tramec GN Coupling

Tramec, as a stake holder in the TVT Group of production partners, as well as the network of TVT distribution and service companies, has developed a global entrepreneurial organization with a high degree of individual specialization & motivation.  Extremely low levels of management allow for timely answers, nimble market response, and a competitive athleticism suited for the global nature of our business & markets.

TVT America started at Tramec in Bologna, Italy.  Tramec, Varmec, and TLS Riduttori co-founded TVT America with American engineer-entrepreneur-investor Mark Solvie as its first managing director.  From its foundation, Tramec has been a guiding force and core product of the TVT Group of companies.  TVT Companies include Tramec Getriebe GmbH in Germany, TVT Motion AB in Sweden, Tramec France, in France, Tramec Polska Sp.Z O.O. in Poland, as well as affiliates around the globe.  With this Tramec is represented in every market.  For the North American market, Tramec is presented by TVT America, which has over 2000 authorized distributors in USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands.

With Tramec, customers have grown accustomed to a modular product that is very quickly configured and delivered, quality with zero defects, leak free, noiseless operation, and exceptional reliability.  Italian design & manufacture in power transmission means trouble free longevity, especially with Tramec.

In 2016, Tramec will move forward in North America with additional inventories, assembly, customer specific modifications, and additional service support through TVT America in Branson, MO.  It is a very exciting time to be part of the Tramec organization, to be a Tramec distributor, a Tramec OEM, and a Tramec user in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Performance has never been more at hands reach, more immediately accessible, and more economically delivered than right at this moment.

  Tramec S.r.l. headquarters are located in Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy.  For more information about Tramec S.r.l., contact Tramec's public relations department.  

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Tramec gear

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Tramec is a manufacturer of speed reducers in Bologna, Italy, in North America, Tramec is represented by TVT America, LLC.