X-H Series - Worm Gearboxes

     Tramec's "X" series is our universal mount worm gear speed reducer, the H brings a high efficiency helical primary reduction to the X worm & gear.
 Series XH offers the same features as the series X, however with the benefit of a spur gear primary stage on input to provide higher performance and a wider range of ratios.   The X and H are available in A shaft input, C close coupled input, and F flange & coupling input.
     Frame sizes 90 and 110 feature a cast-iron housings, whereas smaller sizes use die-cast alloy aluminum housings. The worm shaft is manufactured from alloy steel, case hardened, and precision ground. The worm gear utilizes a cast iron hub with forged bronze gear ring for optimum strength and efficiency.
   Hollow output shaft is supplied as standard, single or dual unishaft outputs, exended highspeed shaft, output flange, electric motor, torque arm, and torque limiter are available options. X and H series reducers are lubricated for life with synthetic gear oil.


Documentation X  series

Characteristics 53 KB
Designation 85 KB
Lubrication 188 KB
  Technical Data (mechancial ratings) 124 KB
Moments of Inertia 103 KB
Dimensions 214 KB
Extended Highspeed Shaft & Torq Limiter 95 KB
Accessories 114 KB
Parts Breakdown Diagram 142 KB
X Series Catalog (all of above) 1.4 MB
Documentation H series    
Characteristics 53 KB
Designation 197 KB
Lubrication 251 KB
Technical Data (mechanical ratings) 113 KB
Moments of Inertia 81 KB
Dimensions 198 KB
Extended Highspeed Shaft & Torq Limiter 105 KB
Accessories 60 KB
Parts Breakdown Diagram 111 KB
XH Series Catalog (all of above)

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