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magnetic s.r.l.

USA Magnetic Motor

Vector Motor

Magnetic s.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of electric motors specialized for use in motion control. The company is located in Italy in the region of Veneto, in the town of Montebello Vicentino.  Where?  Montebello Vicentino is a town of some 6000 on the E70 freeway between Venice & Verona (as in Romeo & Juliet), closer to Austria than Rome, in the foothills of the Alps. 

In a country famous for high performance machines, Magnetic is the leader in the design & production of high performance electric motors for use in machinery requiring servo and vector motors power and precision.  This is a highly specialized field of study, and Magnetic s.r.l. is the company who all others take notes.

The production range of Magnetic S.r.l. includes:
  • MM Series Wound Field DC motors - 2.3 to 210Kw (3 to 300 hp).
  • MA Series Square stator Vector AC motors - 0.75 to >500Kw (1 to 700 hp).
  • ASM Series Inverter driven motors - 0.15 to >500Kw (to 700 hp).
  • BLQ & NGB Series Brushless Servomotors - 0.3 to >100Nm
  • HTQ series TORQUE motors - 50 to 1200 Nm
  • Tach Generators, Drives, and Centrifugal relays for all of the above.

The production facilities of Magnetic S.r.l. includes: 5600 square meters under-roof, to include engineering, manufacturing, and global distribution capabilities.

Magnetic S.r.l. is now a Member of the Orange1 Holdings, a leader globally in the production of electric motors and components.

MM/MAG Wound Field D.C. Motors.

MM/MAG Series are a Direct Current, square laminated stator servo motors known for very high power/size to yield constant torque and variable speed.  A wide range of cooling, mounting, brakes, and controls are available for this series.  Power from 3 to 300 hp.
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MA Square Stator Vector AC Servomotors.

MA AC Servomotors have dimensions comparable to the MM/MAG Series DC motors, but operate under flux vector controls to achieve variable speeds to 8000 rpm as well has offer low speed high torque.  Power from 1 to 700 hp, in a large range of sizes.
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ASM Inverter Driven Motors

ASM motors are asynchronous motors in standard IEC frames available in 2,4,6 and 8 pole, 230/400V-50Hz thermal protections. Optional forced ventilation, CLH, Brakes, and encoders.  Power from 0.3 to 700hp.
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BLQ & TOP Brushless Servomotors

BLQ & TOP series are brushless synchronous a.c. servomotors that utilize NeFeB perminant magnets and sinusodial back EMF for high performance positioning.  205 and 345Vrms versions are available in a wide variety of options and sizes 0.3 to 100Nm output torque.
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HTQ High Torque Motors

Slow speed high torque in high efficiency & position accuracy is HTQ (High Torque) series.  Output torque from 12 to 12500 Nm at speeds as low as 150 rpm.  Ideal for automation, renewable energy, long life and low maintenance environments seeking savings in total ownership costs. 
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NGBe Brushless Servomotors

NGBe brushless servomotors series offers high performance in a more compact package. Long life and low maintenance in a reduced size.  Available in sizes 2.2 to 38.7Nm.
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Tach Generators & Centrifugal Relays

Magnetic's Tachogenerators are four pole speed transducers and ALNICO permanent magnets, available in 20, 40, and 60V standard windings.  Four configurations: FR-flanged, FRBR-double flanged, FRD double tachogenerator for two signals, and BR hollow shaft rotor to mount directly to motor shaft.
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DDM ServoSystems

DDM full digital controls are designed to complement Magnetic servomotors.  Available in 3ph AC input and 280 to 750V DC, output frequency 0 to 1100 Hz, with Modbus, CANopen, Profibus DP, and EtherCAT.  Advanced solutions to your drive demands.
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