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RCV Aluminum Concentric Gearbox

Varmec S.r.l. is one of the original founders of the TVT Group and is a production partner of America's TVT.

Varmec was originally formed as a manufacture of high quality friction-type variable speed drives (type Var as seen on this page immediately to your right).  As Varmec's success with the VAR took hold a demand for concentric shaft speed reducers was realized, and therefore the type CV (Concentric Varmec) was developed as a competitive drop-in replacement for Bonfiglioli coaxial in-line helical gearmotors. 
Varmec VAR variable speed drives
RCV 1 reduction helical reducer

     All Varmec product is manufactured using modern CAD/CAM CNC machining centers, case carburized & ground gears of 18NiCrMo5 UNI 7846 Steel, and ground tempered shafts of 39NiCrMo3 or the 18NiCrMo5 steels.  Iron housings are of Q250 ISO 185 cast iron, polyester epoxy painted inside & out for lasting appearance and corrosion resistance.

You will find Varmec Variable Speed Drives & Concentric Helical Reducers on the highest quality machine tools, packing and bottling lines, pumps, and in positions of critical performance requirement. 

Varmec RCV 2 & 3 reduction helical gearmotors
      Varmec is available in NEMA and IEC motor inputs, for use around the world where ever a coaxial (concentric shaft) speed reducers are used.

     For engineering information on Varmec products click on any of the drives above, contact TVT America, or one of our over 1,000 authorized distributors in North America today. "Design-Marketing-SEO"

Varmec concentric helical gear reducers, Varmec variable speed drives, manufactured by Varmec srl, Theine, Italy.  TVT America is Varmec authorized agent for North America, including Varmec USA, Varmec Canada, Varmec Mexico, Varmec gearboxes, Varmec gear drives, Varmec is part of the TVT Group, which includes TVT America LLC.  Varmec geardrives are made of high quality components, are economical, are available in NEMA and IEC input, inch and metric output shafts, in foot or flange mounted housings.  Varmec is available through TVT Distributors, Varmec Motion Industries, Varmec Applied Industrial Technologies, Varmec Kaman, Varmec BDI, Varmec Purvis Industries.  Varmec is available in these states, Varmec Minnesota, Varmec Michigan, Varmec Illinois, Varmec Iowa, Varmec Wisconsin, Varmec South Dakota, Varmec North Dakota, Varmec Idaho, Varmec Washington, Varmec Virginia, Varmec North Carolina, Varmec South Carolina, Varmec Georgia, Varmec Florida, Varmec Delaware, Varmec Rhode Island, Varmec Pennsylvania, Varmec New Hampshire, Varmec Maine, Varmec West Virginia, Varmec Hawaii, Varmec Utah, Varmec California, Varmec New Mexico, Varmec Colorado, Varmec Oregon, Varmec Nevada, Varmec Hawaii, Varmec Alaska, Varmec Mexico, Varmec Puerto Rico.   Varmec replaces Bonfiglioli gearmotors, Varmec interchanges to Ghirri Riduttori.  For Italian Power Transmission like varmec contact TVT AMERICA.

Varmec RCV, Varmec VAR, Varmec RGAE, Varmec distributor.  The Varmec RCV series is a direct replacement for Bongilioli type "A" concentric helical.  New RCV sizes are manufactured in light weight aluminum alloy, while Varmec has also added the RCV 582 and 583 sizes to (2 and 3 stage concentric helical of 58mm output shaft) to fit between the 552 and 602 sizes fro a more competitive position.