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ZMC Chain Italy

ZMC Italy is the leader in Industrial Transport Chains in Europe.

From ZMC's state of the art production and distribution facilities, ZMC designs, manufactures, and ships drive, conveyor, and drag chain designed specifically for optimum service in applications around the world.   The following are only a few examples of industries ZMC has become the trusted name in the production of engineered class chains.
ZMC conveyor chains are found in Amusement parks safely conveying guests quietly with minimal maintenance and optimum safety in every corner of the world, if you've been to an amusement park and enjoyed an attraction, chances are you have already experienced ZMC chain.   ZMC's experience in people moving and experience from founding in 1954 assure the leaders in Amusement attractions a ZMC no-substitute position...and peace of mind knowing their park runs on the company with the experience to deliver safety.
ZMC conveying chains transport the automobiles through production, paint, and finishing operations in the finest state of the art production facilities in the world.  Working each day, tirelessly, without fail, is what ZMC automotive production chains were designed specifically for and why ZMC Chain Italy is the core supplier to the leaders in automobile manufacture.  The best look to and depend upon the best, and the best is ZMC.
As an Italian company, ZMC has long been called upon for the design & production of specialty chains for use in the manufacture of pasta, breads, pizza, and confectionary.  The unique and demanding requirements of bakery, drying, freezing tunnels and food use machinery has long been a specialty for ZMC, where designed to suit conveyor chain is critical to production profitability.   ZMC Italy is the choice for manufactures of equipment.
Cement Mill Elevator Chains from ZMC is an exceptionally demanding application that few are able to deliver as reliable of product.  The nature of Portland is uniquely aggressive to conveyor chains, such that highly specialized steel, heat treat, sealing elements, and tolerances are employed to deliver a reliable cement mill elevator and conveyor chain product mills around the globe rely upon daily.
  Asphalt Paver & Silo Chains produced by ZMC are found on OEM equipment across Europe, and ZMC is capable of producing replacement chains for US made paving equipment superior to OEM in many cases.  From even a sample sent to TVT US offices, new chain can be designed & manufactured to ideal replacement specification, or if part number is available from original chain ZMC can quote precise replacement sections of conveyor, drag, and drive chains.  Paver chains, replacement or OEM production ZMC is Asphalt proven.
Apron Conveyor Chains from ZMC are found in industry across the globe conveying a wide variety of materials.  Hot, dry, wet, abrasive, what ever the material ZMC Apron conveyors are made in a variety of hinge, pan, leak proof or perforated, on flats or steep inclines, free from jam, tear, and abrasion.    A wide variety of materials, widths, pitch lengths, rollers, and more can be quickly designed & produced to suit customers requirements for Apron Conveyor Chain.  Always Made in Italy...Loved in America.
  .pdf Catalog Sections for ZMC Chains Click on PDF icon to view catalog section .pdf
ZMC "ANSI" Series ZMC for Bottlewashing Industry ZMC Special Chains
ZMC "C" Series ZMC Chain for Canning Industry ZMC Non-Standard Metric Chains
ZMC "M" Series ZMC Chain for Grain Handling ZMC Sprockets
ZMC "Z" Series ZMC Chain for Tobacco Industry ZMC Engineering & Technical Info
ZMC Shoe Manufacturing Chains ZMC Chain for Paternoster Industry ZMC Pol-Panel Chains
ZMC Chains for Agricultural Use ZMC Chain for Automobile Production ZMC Sidebow Chain Conveyors
ZMC Chains for Waste Management ZMC Sliding Chain Conveyors ZMC Chains for Freezing Tunnels
ZMC 262 Specialty Chain ZMC Chains for Food Ovens ZMC Chains for Swarf Handling

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