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A|T|T|i| ATTI srl

A|T|T|i, ATTI srl

is Articoli Tecnici Trasmissioni Industriali, registered as ACTS s.r.l. is an industrial distributor founded in 1980 in the village of Cernusco sul Naviglio, North East of Milan in the regio of Milan Italy.  Originally, they were the regional distributor for SITES Motors.  Over the years, ATTi evolved in to a multi-line industrial distributor for the region.  The A|T|T|i| name can be found on many things, including private labeled MT Motors, and MT Brakemotors.  The ATTi brand is also found on non MT motors, so for interchange it is best to send a photo of the nameplate to for interchange.   Also, the mounting of the motor is not indicated on the nameplate, so please if possible send a photo of the entire motor.
  The Above Photo is an MT Motor private labeled for ATTi, this one is a TFP71B/4 CA NM10 B5.  The series for this motor, TFP can be studied at this page: LINK TO BRAKE MOTOR PAGE   The TFP is the highest performance brake motor MT produces.  The CA on this nameplate indicates this to be a Alternating Current Brake (as opposed to CC which is DC current), it is preset to 10NM torque, and this one is a B5 flange mounting.  This motor is a 6 lead Delta/Star wired for 230/400V/50Hz and 440-480V/60Hz is acceptable voltage.  This motor is NOT suited for 208-240V/60Hz power, it will not perform to ratings on lower than required voltage.    The TVT replacement to this motor, for North American voltage, would be the TFP71B4 NA CA NM10 B5, would be a YY/Y wired 9 lead motor and AC brake suited for 208-240V and 440-480V/60Hz North American power.  This motor is also ATEX Ex II 3GS certified, UL/CSA/CE listed suitable standards for USA, Europe, and Canada respectively.
The photo at right from ATTi is a MT TN71B4 B14.  This is a Delta/Star wired 4 pole motor for voltages 230/400V/50Hz and 280/480V/60Hz.  This motor has Ingress Protection of 55.  The motor has insulation system of Class F, and is rated for S1 service.  This nameplate indicates a B14 compact output flange mount.

This motor is also certified for ATeX II 3G Ex nA IIC T4/T3 Gc, an II 3D Ex tc IIIC T135C Dc IP65.

This is a standard European motor, in North America we stock the 208-240V/440-480V 9 lead motor, which would be the TN71B/4 NA B14, all dimensions and performance the same, but 1.15 Service factor at these kW HP ratings due to the higher RPM.

For service, support, and assistance regarding the ATTi Motors, or any other private labeled motor, please contact our sales department at 866.285.5055  or please e-mail your nameplate & motor photos to   We can help you select the right motor quickly. "Design-Marketing-SEO"