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KOSTAL Inveor Variable Frequency Drives

Inveor motor control solutions

TVT has partnered with German electronic systems leader Kostal Industrie Elektrik GmbH to introduce the Inveor series of motor controls.   The Inveor from TVT is made available in 5 sizes, ranging from 0.25Kw (0.33hp) to 22kw (30hp), in voltages 200 to 500Vac, single & three phase, in an innovative motor, machine, wall mounted, or IP00 package.
The innovative design of the Inveor and its IP56 design allows the designer to mount this VFD on the motor, the wall, or the machine.   As Kostal is a leading supplier to Germany's leading automobile and aerospace manufactures a great deal of attention has been paid to fit, finish, and connections.    

A wide range of communication protocols are readily available for the Inveor from TVT.  To include, CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus RTU, ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, and SERCOS.

The interface to the Inveor can be made through a simple foil keypad, an integrated HMI, removable HMI, Touch-Terminal, or PC Software with communication cable.  All depends on the customers preferences and completely flexible as assembled at TVT America in the middle of North American market.

The Inveor can control both Synchronous and Asynchronious AC motors provided by TVT America's extensive range and built for your OEM or END-USER assembly.  TVT America also sells to manufactures who use our Inveor with their own electric motor.

The interface to the Inveor can be made through a simple foil keypad, an integrated HMI, removable HMI, TouchTerminal, or PC Software with communication cable.

Easy and professional integration is made simple with the Inveor as the entire system is designed to work with itself and more importantly with you.

The Inveor drive is more than a Variable Frequency Drive as it also includes capabilities normally reserved for PLC's.  Using the PC Software the user can create simple software features within the Inveor Drive.



Kostal's extensive experience in automotive and aerospace electrical engineering come to light when considering how the Inveor couples to the motor, machine, or wall mount.  A high quality die cast aluminum mount is fastened to the motor, machine, or wall.  In the mount you will find electrical terminals that connect carefully and safely to the the electric motor.  There is an o-ring seal which provides positive sealing to prevent the ingress of water or dust into the electrical junction.   
Electricians and Engineers alike will appreciate the careful attention to detail and component quality exhibited on every element of the Inveor.

Yes!  You can buy cheaper drives, and you will then have a cheap drive.  With TVT's Inveor you will spend a little more and have the best drive for design & reliability.

You must ask... WHAT is ONE call back worth to your business at a customers location.  The Inveor is a savings over cheaper VFD's for this reason.

Look carefully at our components, case, fit and finish, then specify Inveor from TVT and no substitute.

For OEM and IP00 applications we also offer the Inveor-p.  A simple stripped down board & heatsink system ready to be embedded into your machine housing.  Cost is reduced in the elimination of the IP56 housing and HMI, yet the same high quality materials, design, and performance capabilities are retained.   For 1 piece of 10000, we stand ready to assist you in meeting your design objectives through Inveor.
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Inveor Heavy Duty Inveor Drive designed especially for the rigors of mining & aggregate processing. 1249
Inveor Fan&Compressors Inveor Drive resistant to cyclic loads and vibration resistant electronics for Fans & Compressors. 1448
Inveor Alpha Inveor Drive series for motors less than 0.750Kw. 5318
Inveor M Drives Inveor Drive series for motors 0.750 to 22Kw (1 to 30hp) 6522
Inveor Order Catalog Part numbers and item descriptions for entire Inveor Range. 14707
Inveor HMI Human Machine Interface brochure. 1675
Inveor Functional Safety Operations & Functional Safety with Inveor product 2741
Inveor Datasheet Specification & Data details 585
Inveor PC Software Software .exe file for PC's to communicate with Inveor Drives for control, monitor, and programming. 41271

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