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SIBONI s.r.l.

Distributor Dealer USA

Siboni S.r.l. is one of Italy's leading innovative producers of Permanent Magnet DC and Brushless Servomotors for every imaginable industrial motion control application.  The Siboni Motori range for DC motors includes their famous RED DC Servo Rare Earth Motors, the RED RAW Ferrite DC Servo Motors, and RED TRA DC Servo Traction Motors, and PRO-LINE Brushless Servo Motors.

Siboni Motori completes their range of DC Motors with a high quality range of 2.0 PRO-LINE D Brushless Servomotor drives, RED PRO Line-D DC Servo Motor Drives, Hybrid PRO-LINE Brushless & DC servomotor drives, PRO-LINE D Servomotor drives, and Plus Pro-LIne D Brushless Servomotor drives.   Exceptional performance and value and innovation in the complete drive solution from Siboni S.r.l.

Siboni S.r.l. offers the RE Gear and NXT Gear Planetary Gearboxes designed & produced to suit their range of DC and Servo motors & drives.  Siboni Motors & Drives can be combined with TVT's complete range of mechanical power transmission elements to deliver the total motion solution.

Siboni Drives, Motors, and Reducers are found in a wide range of industrial machinery.  From CNC machinery which require precise and repetitive motions, Packing Machinery for deliverable torque in Packaging Machinery, to automation in commercial vehicles and storage retrieval systems.  One piece or many, standard or completely custom, Siboni is the brand chosen by the finest machine builders in the world.

  Rare Earth DC Servomotors    Torque: 0.12 to 4 Nm (1 to 35 in-lbs): Three Sizes N17, N45, N70, N100 Brochure 1.2MB
  Ferrite DC Servomotors    Torque: 0.05 to 2.2Nm (.44 to 19.4 in-lb): Four Sizes 17, 30, 56, 65 Brochure 2.0MB
  Traction DC Servomotors    Power: 200 to 1000 watt (0.28 to 1.4hp): Six Sizes: 75PXF, 75PF, 75PS, 75PX, 75PQ Brochure 1.2MB
  Brushless Servomotors    Torque: 0.34 to 19Nm (3 to 168 in-lb): Six Sizes: S040, S060, S080, S100, S120, S140 Brochure 6.5MB
  RED PRO LINE-D DC Drive    Voltage: 65 to 132 Vdc   Current: 4, 7, and 10 Amps Brochure 0.0MB
  PRO LINE-Hybrid    Voltage: 24 to 60 Vdc     Current: 5 and 10 Amps Brochure 0.0MB
  PRO LINE-D Brushless Drive    Voltage: 230 VAC, Current: 3A Nominal 6A peak.  CanOpen, DS 402, Modbus RTU Brochure 0.0MB
  PRO LINE-D+ Brushless Drive    Voltage: 230 VAC, Current: 4A Nominal 8A peak. CanOpen, DS 402, Modbus RTU Brochure 0.0MB
  PRO LINE D 2.0 Brushless Dr.    Voltage: 230VAC 4A Nom, 6A Nom, 400VAC 4A Nom, 5A Nom.  10A Nom.   EtherCAT, CanOpen, DS402, ModBus RTU.  Digital Feedback: HIperface DSL Interface. Brochure 0.0MB
  RE Planetary Reducer     6 Sizes, 1, 2, or 3 stages, 3 to 216:1 reductions, torque 1.2 to 400Nm, 5 to 15 arc min Brochure 1.2MB
  NXT  Planetary Reducer     4 Sizes, 1 or 2 stages, 3 to 100:1 reductions, torque 8 to 110 Nm, 8 to 12 arc min Brochure 5.4MB "Design-Marketing-SEO"