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Release Jan.2007

Worm Gearbox with Integrated Torq Limiter (ITL)

The worm gearboxes X and K Series range has been completed with the manufacturing of the torque limiter with hollow output shaft currently supplied for all sizes, having different diameters and available for delivery either in 2 3 weeks time or according to the urgent procedure within 10 days from date of order receipt.

The ITL (Integral Torque Limiter) provides the machine designer a cost effective, reliable, and fail-safe solution to mechanical overload control.  Applications such as shrink wrap, case cartoning, mixing, grinding, tumbling, automation, and all forms of motion control can benefit from the ITL incorporated into the S or X style worm gear reducer.

The ITL is featured in the X and S catalogs, and for more information contact our Engineering or sales department.



1 Bronze Gear
2 Hollow Output Bore
3 Slip Ring
4 Thrust Ring
5 Key
6 Belleville Springs
7 Adjusting Nut
8 Bearing
9 Viton Seal
10 Viton Seal
11 O-Ring
Modus of Operation:    Radial force is transferred into Axial Force by the lockable Adjusting Nut #7 to the Belleville Spring #6 which compress to store the desired force which is applied to the Thrust Ring #4, which in turn transfers axial force to the inner raceway of the radial ball bearing #8, which transfers the axial force to the Slip Ring #3.  The conical design of the steel slip rings outer raceway applies axial and radial force upon the Bronze Gear #1.
Normal Operation: The worm gear applies force to the worm wheel #1, which is transferred to the hollow bore #2 and the keyed #5 slip ring. Overload: The bronze gear will slip at a pre-set torque, proportional to the force applied by Belleville Springs #6, and adjusted by Adjusting Nut #7.
Because the components of the limiting mechanism are made of bronze and steel, and are operating in a synthetic lubricated oil environment, wear and adjustment due to wear is minimal when compared to torque limiters with friction materials.   Therefore, it is possible to have a highly repeatable, reliable, and long lasting torque limiter incorporated with the gearbox.   The ITL (Integrated Torque Limiter) is modestly larger than a standard non-protected gearbox, as the only dimension which is increased in size is that from bellleville springs and adjusting nut.  A modest increase in bore length.

Ideally, the ITL belleville springs are located opposite of the driven load, this is not required but is convenient for flanges, and with a sprocket it is desirable to minimize overhung load.   A dust cover is available at minimal cost as a way to seal the belleville springs and adjusting nut of the ITL from exposure.   It is possible to accurately adjust the torque limiter (ITL) prior to, during, or after installation on machinery.  Instructions and a table relating turns of the adjustment nut to torque setting is provided with each ITL, and for OEM manufactures TVT provides preset ITL torque limiters to any torque setting within range at no additional cost.



The Integrated Torque Limter (ITL) is available on all of TVT's wide range of worm & gear reducers.  We offer one of the broadest ranges of worm reducers in the industry, and you may select from the table at left which series you might wish to consider.   

Our sizes range from 30mm to 150mm (1.25" to 6" center distances), ratios from 5 to infinity, and torque from 124 to 10,877 in-lbs.    


X  Universal Wormgear Replaces Motovario NMRV & W Bonfiglioli.
H  Universal Helical-Worm - Type X worm with a helical prestage
K  Kompact Wormgear - Lightweight & minimalist dimensions.
SFK-BFK  STM & Bonfigilioli Interchange series - direct replacement
XX-KX-KK  Double & Triple worm gears reductions of the X, H, K, SFK & BFK

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