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A leading supplier of high performance brake motors, hoist drives, & explosion proof brakes, controls, and limit switches.


Coel FK series brake motors are designed with a spring applied disk brake that slides on the motors rotor shaft.  Coel FK series brake motors features a Direct Current coil encapsulated in resin for excellent durability and moisture resistance; IP rated 66 protection.  The spring applied braking torque can be adjusted within a wide range.

The FK series is available in frame sizes 56 to 112, in 2, 4, 6, 8 and dual poles in single or double winding.

FKDF series expands into double brakes for theatrical stage motion control, where Coel's exceptional safety and silence are highly prized in venues around the globe.

* Consult TVT America for design to suit Coel brake motors for your most challenging applications.

Coel North American Catalog (Download) in new window.

COEL F BRAKEMOTOR for High Performance

Coel F series brake motors are designed for extreme performance applications where high reliability, brake cycling, and fast action are valued.  Coel F series brakes are three phase AC or rectified DC powered, with encapsulated brake stators in class F resin.

Coel F series brake disks are made of high resistance polymer applied in an aluminum support. This prevents deformation and incoming losses between the shaft and the disk even after long operation periods.  The design ensures efficiency and a non-stick operation even in environments of high humidity.  The design of the "F" series from Coel is modular for easy but infrequent maintenance.

For North American markets, YY/Y 208-230/460V/60Hz stators & AC brakes are stocked & standard in most frame sizes.  Special voltages can be produced to suit power grids around the world.

Coel F series brake motors are available in frames 71 to 200, in 2, 4, 6, 8 poles as well as dual pole motors.  Due to their rugged nature and extreme durability the F series brake motor is preferred in hoisting & lifting applications.


Coel SW series Marine Duty brake motors are Totally enclosed Non-Vented for S2 service.
  • Two part epoxy painted for corrosion & watertightness.
  • Certified IP66
  • Aluminum housing in frames 90 to 160.
  • Cast Iron housing in frames 180 to 315.
  • Anti-condensation heaters, thermal protection, etc. available.
  • Single & Double Speed versions available.
  • 208-230/460V/60hz YY/Y, and 230/400V/50Hz stators available.
  • DC or AC 3ph brakes in a wide variety of voltages.
  • Industry standard for marine hoisting applications.


 Coel North American Catalog (Download) in new window.


VIS explosion proof brakes for Iec and Nema motors & gearboxes.
  • Patent Pending Design & Concept.
  • Three Phase AC or DC electromagnets
  • Totally enclosed
  • IP66
  • Power Supply Vac 24 to 690 50-60Hz 3ph, or 24Vdc 24 to 300V.
  • Class F Insulation
  • Thermally protected with bimetallic switch (standard).
  • Oversized terminal box & terminal board
  • High resistance structure.
  • S1 Service without ventilation.
  • Cast iron construction (Steel for Iec 315).
  • Nema frames 56 to 405.
  • Iec frames 63 to 315 B5.
  • CSAus Approved: Class I Div1 Group C, D.
  • CSAus Approved: Class 2 Div 1 Group , F, G. & Class III
  • Iec Approved; extensive range and capabilities.

VIS explosion proof Iec & Nema brake (download) cat.


 * * * New & Available NOW * * *

Ex d Pendant Station X-TOUCH

X TOUCH is certified ATEX and IECEx

Available in 5 different versions.

  • 4 to 16 buttons

  • Aluminum Housing

  • Suitable for Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22.


  • -20 to +60C standard ambient temp range.

  • Double Step buttons for each type.

  • Key Type Selector Switch (on/off/start)

  • 250Vdc/240Vac max power supply.

  • 1.1@250Vdc or 3A@240Vac Max Current

  • Rated 50 and 60Hz

  • Optional Steel or AISI 316 stainless encl.

  • Optional Anti-condensation heater.

X-TOUCH flameproof pendant station catalog (Download).


Limit eX rotary and cross bar limit switches for Hazardous Areas.

Certified ATEX and IECEX.

Available in stainless steel, G20 Cast Iron.

Ideal for traveling overhead cranes, hoists, and industrial machines operating in potentially explosive areas.   Three basic styles available from simple single turn to those with ratios to 100:1. 

Optional designs can incorporate multiple switches to act as a cam in 2, 3, or 4 switches.   A wide range of options and features are clearly explained in the detailed catalog which you can download at the link below into a new window.

Limit eX flameproof limit switch catalog (Download). "Design-Marketing-SEO"