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November 2010 - TVT America partners with VarSpe S.p.A.




VarSpe K Series Hydrostatic Variator

    TVT America Incorporated is pleased to introduce to the American market VarSpe S.p.A. the premier manufacture and innovator in the design and production of Industrial Hydrostatic Transmissions.   VarSpe was founded on March 23rd, 1963 by Mr. Giuseppe Speggiorin in a little craftsman's workshop with four employees, and became operational in January 1964 with the introduction of their first hydrodynamic speed variator. Since that time VarSpe has grown to become a leader in the design & manufacture of speed variators, variable displacement pumps, and hydraulic motors.   VarSpe's products are designed & manufactured in the Northern Italy near the city of Vincenza, and are protected by several European and International Patents.


VarSpe brings the North American market a proven, reliable, rugged, simple to apply and operate variable speed drive for the most demanding industrial applications.

VarSpe variators are already working diligently in Americas grain mills, wire drawing, metal working, stone working, pumping, and food processing industries.

Var-Spe Original

Hydrostatic Variator

     For industrial designers, O.E.M. manufactures, and distributors seeking an innovative, cost effective, reliable solution to motion control, the VarSpe Hydrostatic Variator must be in your design solutions kit.  VarSpe's latest innovation, the Series K, offers built in torque control, speed range of 1750 to 50 in full torque then in the opposite direction 50 to 1750, with no motion 0 idling, High starting torque, and powers from 1/2 to 5hp in NEMA and IEC input & outputs.    Their innovative C-face Variable Displacement pumps & controls can be remote connected to their problem solving NEMA or IEC C-Faced Hydraulic Motors.  Gone are the special SAE flanges, reduction, and foolishness required when using an Industrial Gearbox in a Hydraulic drive application.  Truly the best of both worlds.

    TVT America is offering Parts and Service for all VarSpe Variators,

including the A2 through A12 series, models 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17B, as well as the P2 series Pumps and M series Motors. 
We can rebuild VarSpe units with factory parts in Branson, Missouri.

For information on VarSpe, please contact our VarSpe specialists at VarSpe@tvtamerica.com or call sales toll free at (866) 286-5055.



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