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K Series - Hydrostatic Wide Speed Variator



IEC Metric


Replaces old HSV, A, and V Series

Download Brochure for NEMA/Inch K

TVT America is pleased to introduce to North America an amazing & exciting solution to mechanical variable speed.... VarSpe Hydrostatic Transmission Series K.   Fractional to 5hp wide range variable speed.

  • Modular design - We can assemble & ship IEC/IEC or NEMA/NEMA or IEC/NEMA or NEMA-IEC.  Add feet, output flange, shaft input, manual or automated controls.
  • Replaces Var-Spe sizes 11-14 and A2 through A12 sizes, and TB Woods HSV.
  • Wide Variable Speed range 1750-0-1750 - Independent of Direction - just turn control.
  • Simple Direction Control - Forward or Reverse at the turn of a dial.
  • Adjustable Output Torque Limiter - Simple torque limiting!
  • High starting torque & at low speeds - 250% starting!
  • Universal mounting - B3, B6, B7, V5, V6 with or without feet, flanges, etceteras.
  • Ideal for Hostile Environment - ATEX Group II, dirt, dust, wash-down, explosion proof.
  • Low maintenance - change synthetic oil every 4000 hours.
  • Dynamic braking - Inherent to the design
  • Soft Start/Stop - optional soft start & stop control is available.


VarSpe K Series is a very reliable alternative to complicated variable frequency drives (VFD), with none of the electrical, enclosure, or engineering problems associated with VFD's.  The design is straight forward, it  is a integrated industrial hydrostatic transmission that on the input side has a variable displacement radial piston hydraulic pump, and on the output a fixed displacement radial piston motor. 

Completely self-contained!

Operators of machines using the K can appreciate the ease of use, just turn the knob and speed increases or decreases to suit the need.  Machine designers will love the torque limiting for excellent torque control ! 


Modular design is something the TVT America partners have developed to perfection.  To compete on a global level, including competing with manufactures in low wage third world economies we have increased our production efficiencies through automation, simplification, statistical process control, and modular design.  For the customer the resulting products are superior in quality, uniformity, and lower in cost than old fashioned machined to order designs.... but, it also allows us to be fast in our deliveries because we simply assemble-to-suit on-demand. Component parts can be manufactured in high volume while assembly is on-demand.    

The modularity also allows us to stock components to assemble IEC in/out, or NEMA in/out, or conversion variators that have IEC in and inch output, or NEMA in and metric output.  By adding a "A" type foot, we can replace the VarSpe series A, or we can add a different foot to replace the series 12, if you have a TB Woods HSV Hydrostatic Variator, we can simply replace that with a K and the appropriate foot.  Fast & efficient.

Because the VarSpe K series is available now through TVT America, we can add a motor and/or a reducer direct from our Italian factories or North American assembly center to give you a complete solution... that's cost effective, fast to get, and trouble free.   For service & support, you have a global network of TVT manufacturing & distribution partners who are local to your end-user and ready to assist in nearly every corner of the world.

TB-Woods HSV 11 = VarSpe 11, TBWoods A2 = VarSpe A2, and so on.

    Documentation K Series Variator

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  NEMA K Brochure > 1.56 MB
>          >          >          >          >        >        >        >        >      >      >      >      >      >      >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   > > > > > > > > > > > >>>>>>> > > > > > > >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >      >      >      >      >        >        >        >        >        >          >          >          >          >               >               >               >                    >   IEC K Brochure > 1.53 MB


  IEC VarSpe 11 to K2 Interchange > 827 KB

Select & Download CAD

  IEC Varspe 12 to K2 Interchange > 821 KB


  IEC VarSpe 13 to K4 Interchange > 822 KB
    IEC VarSpe 14 to K5 Interchange > 865 KB

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  IEC VarSpe A2 to K2 Interchange > 856 KB
    IEC VarSpe A4 to K2 Interchange > 851 KB
    IEC VarSpe A8 to K4 Interchange > 852 KB
    IEC VarSpe A10 to K5 Interchange > 904 KB
    IEC VarSpe A12 to K5 Interchange > 904 KB
    NEMA VarSpe 11 to K2 Interchange > 831 KB
    NEMA VarSpe 12 to K2 Interchange > 829 KB
    NEMA VarSpe 13 to K4 Interchange > 832 KB
    NEMA VarSpe 14 to K5 Interchange > 876 KB
    NEMA VarSpe A2 to K2 Interchange > 862 KB
    NEMA VarSpe A4 to K2 Interchange > 861 KB
    NEMA VarSpe A8 to K4 Interchange > 860 KB
    NEMA VarSpe A10 to K5 Interchange > 913 KB
    NEMA VarSpe A12 to K5 Interchange > 913 KB
    Series K Installation manual > 1.05 MB
    IEC K Series Catalog > 14.8 MB
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