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Techno Line Service S.r.l. 

 TLS Worm Gears


TLS is a young & flexible Italian firm organized around customer needs for worm and helical worm gear reducers and gearmotors.  TLS is a founding member of TVT.

     For many years TLS offered its B and S series worm gear, helical worm, and compound worm/worm gear reducers which where a direct replacement to Italian manufactured Bonfiglioli, Siti, and STM reducers, but with faster delivery and customer focused made-to-suit features difficult to acquire from competitors at a reasonable price & time period. 

TLS & TVT America n 2009, TLS partnership in TVT Group lead to the development of the SFK and BFK range based on the "K".The original B and S series TLS reducers were the traditional sand-cast aluminum housings used by many gear manufactures for its low tooling costs, but with the "K" housing, TLS could offer flexibility to suit the customers need specifically, while utilizing the big investment of vacuum die-cast alloy aluminum housings from Tramec.

TLS's new die-cast housings require minimal machining, have superior strength, and minimal weight due to the highly homogeneous nature of vacuum die-cast parts. End Result, worm gears to meet customers wishes, quickly, of superior quality, at a great price.... for all the right reasons. 

TLS directly replaces Bonfiglioli VF, Spaggiari SW, Siti I, STM R, Hydromec , and many, many other round type IEC-metric worm gear reducers from Europe as well as all of the cheap Chinese imitations of Italian worm gear reducers.
TLS S & B seriesS B

Let's talk TLS in terms that make sense to the American customer:

  • Drop-in upgrade for hard to source Italian worm gear reducers.
  • Fast delivery anywhere in North America from made-to-order system.
  • Superior Quality to Chinese and many European suppliers.
  • Italian design & manufacture.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable sales & engineering support staff.


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Many customers who call for interchange & quotation are stunned with our standard delivery quotation, as much as we've been stunned by some of the stories of 12 weeks ARO from these competitors.  12 weeks !  Crazy.   For TLS, we can safely quote 2-3 weeks on most quantities, 1 to 50 pieces, and faster if expedited delivery is required.  
TLS SFK BFK worm gear From TLS Riduttori, we are also able to produce gear-motors and brake gear motors for a wide range of application, from food & beverage industry to agricultural, TLS is an available, high quality, prompt delivery, high value supplier of worm gear reducers.  Riduttori, reducer, gearbox, gear drive, worm gear, worm drive, worm box, you call it what you will... we'll deliver what you need.

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Tls riduttori for many years supplied Ametric its range of metric worm gear reducers, as with other things Ametric moved away from quality European suppliers of metric and iec products and introduced lower cost Chinese made imitations of TLS and Motovario gear reducers.  Over the last few years, instead of out sourcing to China TLS has invested with Tramec in die-cast tooling to manufacture their new SFK/BFK series. Replacing the old sand cast TLS S and B series, the SFK and BFK follow the Tramec K series worm gear system.

The near-net vacuum aluminum alloy die-cast housing use less aluminum, yet are stronger, lighter in weight, superior in cooling, and require very little machining.  This reduces material, labor, machine time, allows for more automated production, and bottom line costs in real terms.   Quality is not sacrificed, but enhanced and improved in all aspects through this investment into the die-cast housings.   This is a far superior solution to the those whom outsource to communist countries in seek of short term solutiosn.  TLS being a small, privately held, manufacturing company focused solely on worm gear reducers, has chosen to design a product that replaces their much larger, better known competitors worm gear reducers; many of whom are using sand-cast housings yet.  TLS's competitive advantage is thus to offer a drop-in upgrade to many brands of worm gears, by using a modular housing design that readily replaces the competition. 

For low cost high quality worm gear reducers, one needs to look no farther than TLS, and in North America... TVT is the trusted source.