TRAMEC s.r.l. Speed Reducers & Gearboxes Bologna, Italy

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a TVT Production Partner - TRAMEC S.r.l.

T Bevel Helical Gearbox and Gearmotor reducer


Tramec Presentation

R Series gleason bevel reducer 1/1 to 10/1

REP Super precision planetary servo reducer

P and M series high performance conveyor drives

X, K, and H series next generation worm drives.

EP Performance Planetary -Low Cost High Precision

Tramec S.r.l. is the founding partner of TVT Group, and lead supplier of TVT America, Incorporated.  Established in 1986, Tramec began as a manufacture of bevel helical, parallel shaft, shaft mounted, and right angle gearboxes around the innovative & modular T, Z, and R design.   Over these 24 years, Tramec being a young and dynamic company, innovated and expanded to offer precision planetary, low cost planetary, next generation worm gearing, and designed-to-suit gear reducers.

Tramec's products are designed around their highly successful strategy of delivering high quality innovative product, manufactured on highly automated machines, and assembled on-demand to ship quickly to a global market at a very aggressive price.   The strategy is implemented & supported by all departments and embraced by a global network of TVT partners and their industrial distributors.

As a stake holder in the TVT Group of production partners, as well as a network of distribution and service companies, Tramec has created a global entrepreneurial organization with a high degree of specialization and individual motivation.   Very low levels of management are necessary, answers are quick and responsive to the market, and together we can compete on a global scale in all markets served.

Tramec S.r.l. Calderara di Reno (Bologna) Italy

VSF.2USC Double Output Worm Extruder Drive

Tramec Offices & Factory
Via Bizzarri, 6
40012 Calderara di Reno
Bologna, Italy

Z Parallel Helical Gearbox

Tramec Coorinant Measuring of K Series Worm Gear Housing

N Mechanical Variator

  • Over 70 Employees
  • $12.8 Million in sales
  • 51% domestic sales
  • 49% export
  • Presented by TVT around the globe.
  • Founder Owned & Operated Corporation

GN high-speed Gear Coupling

Documentation of Tramec Products
General Catalog: T,Z,P,R,RL,N
Worm Gear Catalog: K,X,H,VSF2
Planetary Catalog:REP, EP

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