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OEG Electric Brakes  FRENO Elettriciti

Direct Current Motor Brakes

Alternating Current Motor Brakes

Brake Accessories

OEG DC Brakes are spring applied safety brakes that engage when power is removed.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, as well as standard and custom voltages.   OEG DC brakes are the standard in European brake motor design. 

OEG AC brakes are spring applied safety brakes that engage with power is removed.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, as well as standard and custom 3 phase voltages.   OEG DC Brakes a reliable brakes in then       market today.

Officina elettromeccanica Gottifredi (OEG) 1/2 bridge and full bridge rectifiers.  A wide range of genuine performance tested rectifiers.  Standard and fast braking action, for high cycling, fast drop off current, with or without EMC Filters, or with auxiliary output terminals to power devices other than our brakes.
O.E.G. srl began to design and manufacture spring pressure safety brakes in 1959.  A family company then, as it is now, lead the development and continued innovation of 3phase AC brakes for electric motors.  Since these designs had not been made before the Gottifredi family develope not only the product but the fixtures and trade secrets required to produce and test brakes.  Since that time competitors have studied and gradually learned how to produce comparable brakes based on the OEG standard.  O.E.G. continuing to improve, improvise, and perfect their one product... brakes & brake controls.

FRENO O.E.G. OEG Spring Applied Brakes (SAB) use electromagnets to work against a spring that applies axial force through a pressure plate to a rotating brake disk.  The standard safety brake uses a 3ph or dc wound coil to create an electromagnetic field that overcomes the spring force to relieve pressure when the motor is powered to allow rotation.

TVT America stocks OEG brakes in all standard sizes, as well as discs, hubs, IP66 boots, rectifiers, hand release kids, as well as knowledgeable engineers and service technicians to assist the user, technician, and engineer to replace, service, repair, and apply to new applications.   OEG is fully supported in the North American market by TVT America, LLC.

Visit our Contact Page to select the department and means you wish to communicate with TVT.  We can also provide video chat through Skype with our engineering department.



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