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Provide as much information as you can.  If you do not know, simply leave blank and we can discuss it with you later.
Contact Information First Name:  Last Name:   E-Mail:

Company:  Street:  City:

State/Province:  Postal Code:          Website:

Preferred Contact Method:   TVT-America, Inc. nor its partners will share your data with anyone.  We appreciate your trust.

Conveyor Information Belt Length  inches         Center Distance inches                 Speed ft/minute

Style of Conveyor: Belt over Rolling Bed        Belt over Slide Bed         Other  (coefficient of friction belt/bed)

Capacity  lbs/hour      lbs/ft       weight of material conveyed

Inclination in degrees

Options:  Belt Cleaner    Belt Guides     Other

Drum Motor Information Desired LR dimension:inches   (see catalog pages below for help with sizes)

Diameter D Dimension: 72mm (2.835")  80mm (3.150")  113mm (4.460")  

138.5mm (5.453")  165mm (6.496")   Other diameter in millimeter desired.

Starts/hour:     Motor Volts:     Line Frequency:  Phase:

Operating Conditions Environment:    Material Handled:    Ambient Temp In Application:oF
Solution Driven Options Lagging:   Backstop:   Brake:     Application Requirements:

Select Drum at right to display below standard sizes dimension & performance:>>>   SIZE 72    SIZE 80    SIZE 113    SIZE 135    SIZE 160