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Mechanical Variator
RGAE Series - Mechanical Speed Variator "Variable Pulley Drives".

  • Up to 10.5/1 speed range available!

  • ATEX Available

  • Manual or Electric Speed adjustment.

  • Gearmotor or variator alone

  • Pulleys in housing, or pulleys alone.

  • Single or double adjustable pulleys.

  • Foot or flange mount housings

  • B3,B6,B7,B8,V1,V3,B5,V5, &V6 mounting positions to suit your needs.


  • Smooth speed adjustment.

  • Lubricated from factory

  • Reliable & easy to maintain.

  • Millions in service around the world.

  • 1/8th to 280 hp

Looking to control a lot of horse power and need variable speed?  The RGAE Series from Varmec is your solution. The RGAE offers a completely straight forward, simple, and reliable design in a trusted method for speed control in heavy duty industrial pumping, conveying, mixing, and many other variable drive applications where reliability and simplicity rule. 

RGAE uses Pulleys & Belts manufactured by Berges GmbH, and thus is directly interchangeable with the German Berges Mechanical Variable Speed Drives from 0.25 to 160 KW, and can replace many variable pulley drives from other manufactures who use the Berges Pulley System.  Millions of the RGAE type of design are working around the world in some of the harshest conditions and nearly every kind of machine or equipment requiring reliable variable speed control.

We could develop a more complex design, but the RGAE customer needs simplicity, reliability, smooth operation, low maintenance, and a global organization to back it up.  RGAE is power you can understand. 

Principles of Operation

Power is transferred via friction between the Cone1 at input and the Drive Ring2 which leads to the output5 (either directly or through 1, 2, or 3 stages of helical gears).   Pressure between the Cone1 and Drive Ring2 is maintained in proportion to the output torque load via a Dog-Clutch4 cam.  A Spring3 inside the transmission shaft exerts a low contact pressure between the Cone & Ring during no-load or idling, which also allows speed to be adjusted while static or when in motion; this is a significant design advantage over other variator types.

Speed variation is achieved by movement of the motor, on linear guides via a rack7 & pinion6 which is driven by the speed control hand-wheel or optionally by an gearmotor drive system developed for electric remote control.

Available with the entire range of TVT Gearboxes & motors to create your ideal drive solution.


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