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Motion & Control
Industrial PC, PLC, HMI, and I/O devices  
INVERTERS -Variable Frequency Drives a
Volts/Hz, Closed Loop, Flux-Vector
1ph and 3ph Inputs, 200-500Volts AC Power: 0 to 375Kw (0 to 500hp)
Communications: CanOPEN -  Profibus-DP  - ModBus  RTU
SMART Motors  
3ph AC Motor with 1 or 3ph AC Input - Complete Prewired Solution.
Voltage: 1ph, 3ph, 200 to 500V AC Power: 0.10 to 22Kw (to 30hp)
Communications: CanOPEN - Profibus-DP - ModBus RTU
Brushless Servo


Servo Drives, Brushless Servo Motors, Smart-Servomotors
  Torque: 0.2 to 115Nm
Communications: CanOPEN - EtherCAT - Profibus-DP
Drives, Motors, Smart-Stepless
  Torque: 4.6 to 21Nm
Communcations: CanOPEN - Profibus-DP - RS485


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