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Release Jan.2007

Worm Gearbox with Integrated Torq Limiter (ITL)

The worm gearboxes X and K Series range has been completed with the manufacturing of the torque limiter with hollow output shaft currently supplied for all sizes, having different diameters and available for delivery either in 2 3 weeks time or according to the urgent procedure within 10 days from date of order receipt.

The ITL (Integral Torque Limiter) provides the machine designer a cost effective, reliable, and fail-safe solution to mechanical overload control.  Applications such as shrink wrap, case cartoning, mixing, grinding, tumbling, automation, and all forms of motion control can benefit from the ITL incorporated into the S or X style worm gear reducer.

The ITL is featured in the X and S catalogs, and for more information contact our Engineering or sales department.

About   Product   Catalogs   News    Contact   Order

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